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Got 20 minutes? Then you have time for a Bible study!

Go Deeper into God’s Word

Every Christian knows that studying the Word of God is critical to spiritual growth, and we all know how hard it can be to find the time.

That’s why we created 20 Minute Bible Studies. Every week, in just 20 minutes, we do a deep study on challenging passages of scripture.

So don’t wait: Sign up now, grab your Bible and join us this week!


Free 20 Minute Online Bible Studies

All content is free. You will never be charged. We will also never share your info or send you anything other than updates about new Bible studies. We hate spam, too!

Get Prepared for the Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Beyond the Elementary

In our studies, we seek to go beyond the elementary to the deeper teachings of the Bible. This is what the author of Hebrews called the “strong food” or “meat” for maturing Christians.

Challenge Accepted

Have you ever puzzled over a challenging passage of scripture and wished you had some knowledgeable Christian friends who could guide you toward a Bible-based answer? Well, hello friend! We love to tackle the tough topics.

The Berean Way

In the book of Acts, the Apostle Paul encounters the Bereans, noble people who always examined the scriptures to see if what they were hearing was true. We call this “the Berean way”, and we both preach it and practice it. That is, when we teach the Bible we use the Bible to support every point.

All Are Welcome

We believe there is only one reliable source of God’s truth: the Bible. As a result, our 20-minute studies are for believers of any denomination or background. We don’t teach dogma, and we don’t discriminate. All who love God’s Word are welcome to study with us.

Got 20 minutes? Then you have time for a Bible study!