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10 Things

10 Mind-Blowing Things You Didn’t Know Were in The Bible

10 Surprising Facts from the Bible

  1. Nearly 1,400 years before it happened, Moses used a depiction of the crucifixion to heal the Israelites.

  2. Moses also ruined a depiction of the crucifixion – and God punished him for it.

  3. The king of Babylon had a dream that perfectly predicted the future empires of the world.

  4. Each of the three gifts given to baby Jesus had a hidden meaning.

  5. The three names of Jesus have the same hidden meaning.

6. There are three hells in the bible, and they are all different places.

7. There are also three different heavens in the Bible.

8. John 3:16 is not really about how to save unbelievers from hell.

9. There are two types of salvation in the Bible, and only one has to do with believing in Jesus.

10. The Bible promises that you can rule the earth with Christ Jesus if you fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

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